Optum HouseCalls: Traveling far and wide to address members’ health care

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The HouseCalls traveling network includes over 300 advanced practice clinicians (APCs) who log thousands of miles every year visiting members in their homes. Traveling APCs visit members in rural counties where having a PCP or regularly seeing one can often be a big challenge.

In 2020, the traveling APCs completed over 207,000 visits in rural counties. During these annual visits, they helped identify potential health issues and facilitate communication between members and their PCP, making a critical difference in members’ lives.

The benefits of the HouseCalls traveling network include:

•Monitoring member health

•Improving access to care

•Closing gaps in care

•Addressing social determinants of health

Download the white paper to learn how the HouseCalls traveling network can help your health plan extend your member reach.

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