Measuring the cost-effectiveness of Confluent Cloud

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Harnessing data in motion with Kafka is a worthwhile but costly effort for most businesses. Even in the smallest projects, the time and resources required to source and manage Kafka internally can be a burden on your teams and budget.

By entrusting Kafka’s infrastructure and operations to a fully managed service such as Confluent Cloud, you enable your best people to focus on more critical projects and save money. On average, Confluent Cloud customers see a reduction in their total cost of ownership of Kafka by up to 60%.

Many providers claim the lower cost of ownership or an increase in the return on investment through their software, but it is important to know the details of the calculations and assumptions that lead them to such claims. This white paper provides answers to these questions when it comes to Confluent Cloud. Our approach to total cost of ownership and return on investment is clearly explained, we provide explicit examples from our clients and we share lessons learned from our experience.

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