A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications

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AI is everywhere. Once the domain of researchers and institutions, this technology is now being used in many different areas, including network infrastructures, platforms and services. Software developers can now build a wide variety of intelligent solutions with AI. This report, A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications, Second Edition , covers the capabilities of AI.

You will learn how to create a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an AI application with conversational capabilities that understands the language, perceives vast amounts of information and responds intelligently. Authors Elaine Chang and Darren Jefford walk you through the many AI resources and capabilities now available to developers. Discover the powerful and innovative ways to tackle difficult-to-solve problems now.

You explore the following:

How artificial intelligence works in the cloud.
Azure AI services, infrastructures, and tools for developing AI apps.
Microsoft’s Bot Framework ecosystem and the lifecycle of conversational AI app development.
Using Bot Framework to deliver custom communication assistant experiences.
Expert guidance for developing AI apps with conversational features.
Channels and adapters that allow the communications experiences to reach end users.
Analytical tools for AI applications with conversational features.
How Azure AI helps you build responsible and reliable solutions.

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