Actionable Intelligence is Critical to Successful Merger and Acquisitions Diligence

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A comprehensive and consultative approach is required to ensure security post-acquisition.Rarely do acquiring security teams have the resources or cost-effective internal processes to do their own investigative cyber diligence on a pending acquisition. Often cyber diligence isn’t started until late in the deal cycle and isn’t completed until post acquisition. A more insightful and cost-effective option is to conduct intelligence analysis “outside of the firewall.” This analysis can be started early in the acquisition cycle and does not require the target to provide access to their network. By combining the analysis of unique data with automation and human investigation, organizations are able to gain relevant, timely and accurate insights into key man risk, network security, negative press, and infrastructure and network vulnerabilities. Informed by this analysis, “on-network” compromise assessments can then provide a comprehensive inspection that enables the acquiring party to move forward with confidence. Read this white paper to learn how to gain insight into threats that extend beyond merely cybersecurity risk.

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